Pledge for Professionals

I will strive to protect my patients and myself from infections and foster a culture of safety.

I pledge to:
Clean my hands at all the appropriate times, especially before and after patient care.
Be open to a patient or visitor asking if I have cleaned my hands.
Encourage my colleagues and patients to clean their hands.
Use gloves and other personal protective equipment the right way.
Get an annual flu shot and other necessary vaccines and encourage my patients to do the same.
Stay home if I feel sick.
Help prevent antibiotic resistance by understanding when antibiotics are needed and when they are not.
Know and follow standard and isolation precaution guidelines.
Identify the infection preventionists in my facility and ask how I can assist them in preventing infections.
Keep both my patients’ environment and my attire clean.
Practice safe injection practices: One needle, one syringe, only one time.
I promise to set an example for my colleagues by taking the right steps to prevent infections to keep my patients safe.
Together, we can and will prevent infections.

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