Pledge for Patients and Families

I will strive to protect myself and others from infections.

I pledge to:
Clean my hands.
Ask my healthcare providers to clean their hands if I did not see them do it.
Make sure my visitors clean their hands.
Ask questions about my care and speak up if I have any concerns.
Make sure my family and I get an annual flu vaccine and other appropriate vaccinations.
Sneeze and cough into my elbow (not my hands) and stay home from school or work when I’m sick.
Take all of my antibiotics and not to pressure my healthcare provider for antibiotics to help prevent antibiotic resistance.
Learn about common infections people get in healthcare settings and their risks.
Ask to speak with the infection preventionist at my hospital if I have any questions about infection control.
Help keep my hospital room clean and if it looks dirty ask to have it cleaned.
Ask my healthcare providers how I can stay healthy when I go home.<.ul>
I promise to set an example for my family and friends by taking the right steps to prevent infections and live a healthy life.
Together, we can and will prevent infections.

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